What Matters Most In Life
Music & Lyrics by Cecille Azarcon

In your mind you keep asking why
You know you ask too many questions
We're only in borrowed time
And for me you don't have to know all the reasons

What matters most in this life isn't why
But simple things like when one holds your hand
When you're assured that there's someone who cares
Who makes you feel special in so many ways

Why do we keep wanting for more in life
And we keep looking but we don't know what to find
We have so much but are never content
We can't explain the emptiness we have inside

Lonely and lost are what we feel sometimes
Feeling incomplete we just can't understand
Why we want to have some things not meant for us
Why we want to love what never can be ours

What matters most in this life isn't why
Just live your life give the best that you can
Somewhere along the way we will find in time
We can feel complete without asking why