Precious was recorded in Las Vegas, NV, and was a bid by Kuh Ledesma to break into the U.S. market. However, the 1997 effort failed, and the album didn't sell well in her native Philippines, either. Surely, part of the reason is that the music could be better. While the production is professional, the songs mostly lack excitement or charm. The production on Precious was headed by American producers, composers, and musicians, and is an attempt to broaden her appeal from the sophisticated middle-of-the-road ambience that dominates her Philippine albums. In that regard, the album has a modern, soulful sound. However, the songs still have a MOR tone to them, and even adult aficionados of soul music will probably have a difficult time being entertained. Many songs on Precious are slow and drawn-out, and the album has a dull, drawn-out feel to it. The remake of the Doobie Brothers' "What a Fool Believes," for example, moves at a slow, tedious pace that soon becomes dreary. Two of the album's best and most distinctive songs were written by Philippine composers: "I Cry" by Odette Quesada and "Precious" by Grace Nono. An album highlight is the appearance of renowned jazz saxophonist Gerald Albright, who plays flute and saxophone on several songs, and dominates the closing instrumental, "Kuh's Theme." Another respected figure, percussionist Paulinho DaCosta, is also on the album. Still, it isn't enough to make the album worthwhile. David Gonzales