In 1990, Philippine female singer Kuh Ledesma released Lihim (Secret). The album features middle-of-the-road and easy listening music performed in a sophisticated manner by Ledesma. Her voice is impressive, and she sounds vibrant and in total control throughout the album. The lyrics of all ten songs on the album are written in Tagalog, the Philippines' national language. On past albums, Ledesma has often performed songs with English lyrics, although 1983's two-volume set, Ako Ay Pilipino (I Am a Filipino), was also comprised entirely of Tagalog lyrics. All ten songs are about love; more diversity would be welcome. However, the Philippine audience often expects its artists to sing love songs, and it can be difficult for an artist to try something different. The musical tone of Lihim is light and breezy, and Ledesma handles the material with much poise and assurance. All songs were composed by Cecile Azarcon, and the songwriting is strong as far as middle-of-the-road material is concerned, although some slow songs on side two of the cassette tend to sound alike. Nonetheless, Cecile Azarcon should be commended for an excellent effort, and it is rare for one songwriter to compose all the material for an album by a solo artist. The opener, "Lihim" (Secret), is a spirited song, light and breezy, as is the bouncy "Ikaw Ang Dahilan" (You Are the Reason), which has a jazzy, swinging feel. "Nasaan Ka Man" (Wherever You Are) is a nice, slow ballad. With more modern material, Kuh Ledesma has the talent to release albums internationally. David Gonzales