One day I was surfing the web and was looking for Kuh's website and discovered that, except for one brave soul's fansite (Music Inside Buzz: Kuh), she did not have one! Aba! Hindi yata puwede yun!

KUHLEDESMA.NET is a non-profit website created as a gift to Kuh and her fans. My goal is to put together a site completely about Kuh containing all the information I can find -- a fan's eye view of Kuh's 25-year music career. If you have any questions concerning the site, please do not hesitate to . Your comments, suggestions, or contributions will be appreciated.

Please understand that I DO NOT have direct contact with Kuh herself and I do not know her email address. I cannot forward any email directed to Kuh nor help you in contacting her. For bookings you need to contact her group, Headline Concepts Inc.

KUHLEDESMA.NET was launched last 22 January 2004.

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